Basic training in Eyelash Extensions

for beginners, 484.0o€

The basic training is designed for you if you have no previous experience in doing eyelash extensions. Participation in the training does not require previous experience in the field of beauty care and it is suitable for everyone. Our trainings are built to allow you to progress toward becoming a professional in the beauty industry. In other words, you don't have to be a beautician to get into beauty salon to work or become an entrepreneur. Eyelash and nail professionals are often fully specialized professionals who perform only these treatments separately from the traditional work of a beautician.

Good foundations guarantee competence

Often students want to make volume lashes right away, but learning them is very difficult at first. We always recommend taking a training in classical extensions first, so that it is easier to start independent practice and there is a joy of success right at the beginning of learning. If you want to study volume lashes, we recommend choosing a pre-made fan training that is the same price as the basic training for classic eyelash extensions.

New combination training

As a new option, we offer combination training, where you learn both the classical lashes and the pre-made lashes during the same day. Your starter pack will then have both fibers and you will practice using both during your training. This way, you can immediately offer your customers three different techniques: classic lashes, hybrids and pre-made lashes. Training is then 150€ more expensive, for a total of 634.00€.

What does the training include?

The training is built into a comprehensive entity that allows you to immediately practice at home with real models and clients. The training includes: 

A starter kit that includes all the essential tools and products.

a Training day, which includes product theory, lash physiology, hygiene and a hands-on practice to a real model. 

Diploma of education.

The right to buy products from our professional online store at a professional price.

Ongoing support from our customer service.

Opportunity to eventually be certified as a 7 Heaven Professionals eyelash technician.

Feel free to ask for more information about the trainings from our customer service.